6 October 2016

Mixed bands at Hotel Gracanica

Hotel Gracanica has welcomed us again, but this time for a live acoustic gig of our two mixed bands – Sublime 6 and Akasha. The weather was in our favor, so the stage was set up in their beautiful garden near the swimming pool.

Besides the Mitrovica Rock School team, the audience consisted of hotel guests and people who came out especially for the concert, who gave our mixed bands a very warm reception. But the gig was not the only thing planned for our bands – they also shot music videos with Kiklop Kikloparium and Goran Jolovic (the same team that did the music videos of Proximity Mine and High Frequency in August) and gave radio interviews for BBC World Service and Ernst-Ludwig v. Aster of German public radio. As always, our bands were professional with the gig as well as giving interviews.

After the dinner, everyone was safely transported back to Mitrovica. There are more activities planned for our bands, so stay tuned to find out what happens next!

Photos by Kiklop Kikloparium

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