26 October 2016

Workshops with Ronald Seerden

Ronald Seerden is a guitar teacher and a band coach at the Rock Academy in Tilburg, Netherlands since 2000. Besides that, he is also a freelance musician, playing as a sideman for several Dutch artists. Our students had the pleasure of meeting him for the first time at Skopje Summer School 2013, when he had the role of a judge who would decide which band deserved which place, as the concert performance was viewed as a competition between the bands that year. This time around, we had a chance to get to know him better through his lecture on band coaching, and he also coached our mixed bands on their rehearsals.

Ronald has expressed that his workshop is more of an experience-sharing rather than a basic lecture, which it was, and that was very valuable for the group to learn about his teaching methods and get an insight into his work as a Rock Academy teacher. He spoke about his methods on testing the musicality of the students, making them feel comfortable in class, encouraging and inspiring them, being their friend while maintaining the authority, etc. Also, he had a chance to show his methods by coaching our mixed bands, and they have expressed how successful their rehearsals went and how much Ronald’s help means to them.

Big thanks to Ronald for visiting and sharing his knowledge!

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