28 November 2016

Mitrovica Rock School to revisit Hotel Gracanica

Hey everyone!

Remember when Hotel Gracanica welcomed us for an acoustic concert in their beautiful garden? (blogpost: http://mitrovicarockschool.blogspot.com/2016/10/mixed-bands-at-hotel-gracanica.html) Well, they’ve invited us to repeat the event with our other mixed bands. Everyone who has enjoyed the music of Sublime 6 and Akasha will now be able to enjoy the music of Proximity Mine, High Frequency and Crearty.

The gig is set to be on 17th of December from 4:30 p.m. Check out the official Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1607383779279150/

The plan is pretty much the same, except this time around the gig will be held inside, due to the cold weather, which won’t deprive us of having a great time.

Stay tuned for the news and photos from the event!

23 November 2016

We Are The Mitrovica Rock School: Meet Fatlind Ferati

Fatlind Ferati - Bass Guitar Teacher

Fatlind Ferati is known as a session musician. He plays different music genres including jazz, funk, pop, soul, and rock. He was part of a lot of festivals: Prishtina Jazz Fest, Tirana Jazz Festival, Ngom Festival, Dam Festival, Green Festival, etc. 

Fatlind has worked with singers like Rona Nishliu, Fatime Kosumi and Edita Tarani and has collaborated with many successful musicians, including Armend Xhaferi, Taulant Mehemeti, Enes Bajramlici, Nesim Maxhuni, Edon Ramadani, Ilir Bajri, Dukagjin Muhaxheri, Fatjon Miftari, Vedat Hasani, Visar Kuci and many more.

Fatlind joined the Mitrovica Rock School team as a bass guitar teacher at the end of October 2016. Together, we are committed to bringing the music back again.

22 November 2016

We Are The Mitrovica Rock School: Meet Filip Milovanovic

Filip Milovanovic - Drum Teacher and Band Coach

Filip was born and raised in Mitrovica. When he was 13 years old he started to learn to play guitar at a private school in Mitrovica. But in 2008 he decided to start playing drums and joined the Mitrovica Rock School, which had only just started at the time. He has played a lot of festivals, major concerts, studio sessions, gigs, etc.

Filip's talent was soon noticed and he was asked to work as a student-trainee under senior drum teacher Misko Radovic. In 2013, Filip started to work as a drum teacher and band coach in his own rights at the Mitrovica Rock School.

21 November 2016

We Are The Mitrovica Rock School: Meet Zana Abazi-Ramadani

Zana Abazi-Ramadani - Vocal Teacher

Since she was 17, Zana has performed as a solo singer in many concerts in various genres, ranging from classical to rock. She has also been an active choir singer, and she has recorded a few rock/alternative songs.

She has a Master’s Degree in solo singing from the University of Skopje. As a solo singer she has performed and participated in a lot of festivals, in Kosovo and abroad. She had performed at the Theatre of Opera and Ballet in Tirana and at the Macedonian Opera and Ballet in Skopje. In both of opera houses she performed the role of Gilda in opera Rigoletto. She has participated in many master classes with famous singers, including Ermonela Jaho and Caroline Isabel Merz. She recently had a piano duo recital in Pristina. She has 14 years of experience as a music teacher, currently working as a vocal teacher in the music high school in Mitrovica. She received specific training from Fontys Rockacademie (Tilburg, Netherlands) students in the techniques of pop and rock singing.

Since it opened its doors in November 2008, Zana has been working as vocal instructor at the south branch of the Mitrovica Rock School. 

20 November 2016

We Are The Mitrovica Rock School: Meet Edon Ramadani

Edon Ramadani - South Branch Manager, Keyboard Teacher, Band Coach

Edon started playing keyboard when he was 12 years old. He has played with many singers and bands in various genres, including pop, rock, folk and jazz.

Edon is a man of many talents: besides the keys, he plays the guitar, bass guitar and drums, and has been known to coach our vocalists as well.

He has a Master’s Degree from University of Skopje in Conducting, and has worked for two years as an assistant conductor at the Kosova Philarmonic Choir. He has about 10 years experience in teaching, mostly in high schools of music. Since 2015, he has worked as a lecturer at the Academy of Arts of the University of Pristina.

He has also been active in composing and especially arranging for different music formations.

Edon works as a keyboard teacher and band coach, and manages the daily operations of the Rock School’s south branch, developing and organizing new activities to contribute to the school’s sustainability.

19 November 2016

We Are The Mitrovica Rock School: Meet Nemanja "Miske" Misic

Nemanja "Miske" Misic - Bass Guitar Teacher and Band Coach

Miske started at the Rock School as a student in 2008, graduating into a trainee-teacher position in 2011. He was promoted to Junior Bass Teacher in 2013. He was trained by senior bass professor and band coach Eric Wels, twice during training weeks in Tilburg (Netherlands) and several times in Mitrovica. Miske developed a curriculum for bass guitar with Eric Wels and Sophie van Schaik of the Fontys Rockacademie (Tilburg, Netherlands) and worked on the school's general curriculum with Anthony Barilla. During previous summer schools, he worked with Eric Coenen of the Fontys Rockacademie focusing on didactics and band coaching. Miske now works at the Rock School as a bass guitar teacher and band coach.

18 November 2016

We Are The Mitrovica Rock School: Meet Blerta Kosova

Blerta Kosova: Band Coach and Assistant Vocal Coach

Another 22-year-old dreamer, born in Mitrovica on a warm sunny morning in August. Everything started while singing melody lines over kids' magazines and newspapers. As the years passed, the magazines turned into a band, and the newspapers into actual real lyrics!

Blerta completed high school of classical music in Mitrovica and is currently enrolled in English Language & Literature at the University of Pristina. She works at the Mitrovica Rock School as band coach and assistant vocal coach.

Blerta has been part of various bands since she was a 13-year-old "rock star wannabe" teenager, and has never stopped creating and experimenting.

She currently works with acts like BiCalko and Asgje Sikur Dielli, rooted in different genres.

Besides the engagement with bands, she has her own solo project, which has a more experimental poppie/electronic vibe.

17 November 2016

We Are The Mitrovica Rock School: Meet Leonard "Nardi" Canhasi

Leonard "Nardi" Canhasi - Guitar Teacher and Band Coach

Leonard started playing guitar at 10 years old. At the age of 16, Leonard was employed as a guitar teacher at the music school in Mitrovica. He worked at RTK for over 13 years as an active Big Band instrumentalist. He also worked for two years as a producer on public broadcaster RTK. During the same period he was a member of a combo band with whom he performed in various live programs and concerts. He played in several bands, including Jericho and TNT. Leonard has played many festivals such as Balkan Traffic Fest, Montreux Jazz Fest and Bogota Theatre Colombia.

Leonard has been teaching guitar at the Rock School since the end of October 2016. We are proud to have a real Mitrovica music legend on our team, teaching the next generation of musicians. Together, we will bring the music back to Mitrovica.

16 November 2016

We Are The Mitrovica Rock School: Meet Emir Hasani

Emir Hasani - Project Coordinator, Vocal and Keyboard Teacher, Band Coach

Emir's interest in music began over 15 years ago. Over the years, he's been in many bands, playing festivals, clubs and concerts.

His main instrument is guitar. Besides guitar, he sings, plays piano and plays little bit of bass guitar and drums.

Emir studied music pedagogy at Faculty of Arts Pristina/Zvecan. He finished a sound engineering course with Font Rock Academy trainers, and has been the Rock School's main sound engineer since, recording all our mixed bands plus a large number of school bands and outside bands.

He started as a junior teacher in 2013, and joined the management team in 2016, now working both as a teacher at the north branch and a project coordinator at the office.

15 November 2016

We Are The Mitrovica Rock School: meet Murat "Llapa" Shabani

Murat "Llapa" Shabani: drum teacher (Mitrovica Rock School south branch)

Llapa has been playing professional drums for nearly four decades. A fixture of the Mitrovica music scene, he played in: TNT Band During, recording 15 albums (1975-1990); Revial Orchestra, which toured as a band and also played on radio and TV (1977-1990); Mitrovica Big Band, playing gigs all over Kosovo (1985-1989); Hana Band, with which he toured in Kosovo and abroad (2004-2007); and RTK Band, with whom he has lots of performances, concerts, etc. (2003-date).

Llapa has been teaching drums at the Rock School since the end of October 2016. We are proud to have a real Mitrovica music legend on our team, teaching the next generation of musicians. Together, we will bring the music back to Mitrovica.

13 November 2016

Band Profile: Impaler

Hello everyone, and welcome to the first blog post of the Band Profile series. The very first band you’ll get to know is a north-based metal band called Impaler.

 (From left to right) Lazar – bass, Alem – guitar, Boris – vocals, Stefan – drums, Dzemil – guitar

Impaler is one of the newer Rock School bands and it has already set a very high bar for their peers. By playing powerful metal covers and a growing number of original songs that share the same power, their performance is a clear reflection of that. It’s undeniable that this band has some of the most talented Rock School students that have played in various bands before, but apparently starting to reach their full potential in heavy metal. Saying that the band members are true metal-heads could sound like a cliché, but, attending one of their rehearsals and interviewing them, the term can be applied by their way of approaching this genre, which has nothing to do with the superficial views of it and 'being metal' for the sake of showing off – these guys view metal as a way of life, which directly translates in their songs. Check out the interview with Impaler’s Boris and Alem below:

1. When/how was the band established and how did you come up with the name Impaler?
Alem – The band was established by the fact that Dzemil and I had the wish to create a band where we would play something that we love, which, in this case, is metal.
Boris – (regarding band name) Those were the methods of torturing of Vlad Tepes the Impaler which gave us the idea. Painful deaths followed by agonizing pain, screams... In some sort, our songs are kinda connected with that. We equate with Vlad Tepes because each any every one of us contains the dark side of personality. We wanted a name that engraves in anybody's minds and makes them think.
2. What are the musical influences that inspire the band?
            Boris – Pantera, Slipknot, Tool and Slayer.
            Alem – For the ideas, I'm mostly influenced by old school metal and rock bands such as Iron Maiden, Motorhead, etc. Not much for the sound in this case.

3. Alem, what instigated you to start playing guitar and is that something you’ve always wanted to do?
             Alem – I have listened to so much music and asked myself why I wouldn’t do something similar. Yes, I’ve always wanted to do that.

4. Boris, considering your performance mostly consists of Growl and Scream, did it take you a lot of time to practice this type of singing and what would be your advice for those who want to do that?

           Boris - I am the worst adviser in the world. A lot of influence on me had the music that I listened to. The raw energy, anger and message that followed, all of that convinced me to picture myself as a musician and artist. So, I tried, and it slowly sounded better and better as the time passed. It was, and it still is hard, but it's all part of learning and expressing emotions and thoughts.

5. Describe the creative process of the band (for example, how you start working on a song).
             Boris – Someone comes up with an idea for a riff and then we make agreements.
             Alem - In general, we all give ideas for everything: lyrics, music, etc. We sit down together, experiment a little bit and make it work.

6. What are your views on the music scene of Mitrovica today?
         Boris – (view) doesn't exist.
         Alem – Miserable. In the music scene nowadays, there are only a few bands who work, but for the wrong reasons, they only wish to be seen.

7. Alem, for the first time this year, you have played in a mixed band during summer school in Skopje (Proximity Mine). What did you learn from this experience that you could apply to your work in Impaler?
         Alem – From the mixed band, which is an excellent band that I love very much, there’s not much I could apply to Impaler, because in Proximity Mine we experiment with styles – we incorporate the diverse style of each band member into our work. But, I have learned that those other styles can also have an influence on me, besides metal.

8. Boris, what are your views on the whole concept of mixed bands and summer school in Skopje and would you like to try it out?
            Boris – I like the concept and I would like to try it out.

9. Besides having live gigs, what are the other ways you promote your band?
         Alem – We are still a young band in order to have some special ways of promoting, but for now we make stickers and we plan to do T-shirts, posters, etc. Also, we use the social media.

10. What are the plans for the future of Impaler?
                Alem – We are doing our own songs; the plans are to publish an album, to play bigger festivals, etc.
               Both - In order to reach to as many people as we can with our music and in order for each of them to find some feature, thought or even torment in our songs - we want us to be the voice of those who don't have a way or courage to express themselves; to those who revolutionize  and rise; to those who undertake something.


Corey Taylor (Slipknot) or Jonathan Davis (Korn)? –  Corey Taylor

Original songs or covers? – Original songs

Singing in the studio or singing at a gig? – Singing at a gig

Ballad or faster song? – Faster

Video or audio? – Video

Metallica or Motorhead? – Motorhead

Rhythm guitar or solo guitar? – Solo

Playing a gig or attending one? – Playing

Gig on the inside venue or outside? – For now, the inside

Female or male vocals? – Both

Photos taken from the official Facebook page of Impaler.

Impaler on social media:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/impaler_band/

11 November 2016

We Are The Mitrovica Rock School: Meet Goran Vucetic

Hello everyone, and welcome to the first blog post in the series "We Are The Mitrovica Rock School," where you can learn more about our teachers and their involvement in the Rock School.

Goran Vucetic - North Branch Manager, Guitar Teacher

Goran is a self-taught guitarist and has been playing for over 20 years. He has played hundreds of gigs, jam sessions, festivals and major concerts, and has shared the stage with names like Billy Gould (Faith No More), and has toured all over the world.

An expert musician, Goran was invited to give a master class to Dutch BA guitar students at the Fontys Rock Academy in March 2010.

Besides giving guitar lessons, Goran also coaches everything from punk to pop bands. In June 2013, he was promoted to the position of Branch Manager and is involved in organizing concerts at the Rock School, expanding the school's network and contributing to its sustainability.