15 November 2016

We Are The Mitrovica Rock School: meet Murat "Llapa" Shabani

Murat "Llapa" Shabani: drum teacher (Mitrovica Rock School south branch)

Llapa has been playing professional drums for nearly four decades. A fixture of the Mitrovica music scene, he played in: TNT Band During, recording 15 albums (1975-1990); Revial Orchestra, which toured as a band and also played on radio and TV (1977-1990); Mitrovica Big Band, playing gigs all over Kosovo (1985-1989); Hana Band, with which he toured in Kosovo and abroad (2004-2007); and RTK Band, with whom he has lots of performances, concerts, etc. (2003-date).

Llapa has been teaching drums at the Rock School since the end of October 2016. We are proud to have a real Mitrovica music legend on our team, teaching the next generation of musicians. Together, we will bring the music back to Mitrovica.

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