17 November 2016

We Are The Mitrovica Rock School: Meet Leonard "Nardi" Canhasi

Leonard "Nardi" Canhasi - Guitar Teacher and Band Coach

Leonard started playing guitar at 10 years old. At the age of 16, Leonard was employed as a guitar teacher at the music school in Mitrovica. He worked at RTK for over 13 years as an active Big Band instrumentalist. He also worked for two years as a producer on public broadcaster RTK. During the same period he was a member of a combo band with whom he performed in various live programs and concerts. He played in several bands, including Jericho and TNT. Leonard has played many festivals such as Balkan Traffic Fest, Montreux Jazz Fest and Bogota Theatre Colombia.

Leonard has been teaching guitar at the Rock School since the end of October 2016. We are proud to have a real Mitrovica music legend on our team, teaching the next generation of musicians. Together, we will bring the music back to Mitrovica.

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