18 November 2016

We Are The Mitrovica Rock School: Meet Blerta Kosova

Blerta Kosova: Band Coach and Assistant Vocal Coach

Another 22-year-old dreamer, born in Mitrovica on a warm sunny morning in August. Everything started while singing melody lines over kids' magazines and newspapers. As the years passed, the magazines turned into a band, and the newspapers into actual real lyrics!

Blerta completed high school of classical music in Mitrovica and is currently enrolled in English Language & Literature at the University of Pristina. She works at the Mitrovica Rock School as band coach and assistant vocal coach.

Blerta has been part of various bands since she was a 13-year-old "rock star wannabe" teenager, and has never stopped creating and experimenting.

She currently works with acts like BiCalko and Asgje Sikur Dielli, rooted in different genres.

Besides the engagement with bands, she has her own solo project, which has a more experimental poppie/electronic vibe.

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