19 November 2016

We Are The Mitrovica Rock School: Meet Nemanja "Miske" Misic

Nemanja "Miske" Misic - Bass Guitar Teacher and Band Coach

Miske started at the Rock School as a student in 2008, graduating into a trainee-teacher position in 2011. He was promoted to Junior Bass Teacher in 2013. He was trained by senior bass professor and band coach Eric Wels, twice during training weeks in Tilburg (Netherlands) and several times in Mitrovica. Miske developed a curriculum for bass guitar with Eric Wels and Sophie van Schaik of the Fontys Rockacademie (Tilburg, Netherlands) and worked on the school's general curriculum with Anthony Barilla. During previous summer schools, he worked with Eric Coenen of the Fontys Rockacademie focusing on didactics and band coaching. Miske now works at the Rock School as a bass guitar teacher and band coach.

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