4 December 2016

Gig Review: Impaler and the singer from a Guns’n’Roses tribute with our teachers

Last night was a cold Saturday night, but what’s better for a warm-up than a long hard-core and rock’n’roll performance by talented musicians?

First of all, let’s introduce the performers. We had a chance to enjoy some heavy tunes by our very own Impaler as an opening act. Since their formation, they continued to impress us with their consistency and their success serves as a great example for everyone who wishes to start a band. You can learn more about them in one of the previous blog posts from the Band Profile Series, which includes the interview with their two band members, by clicking on this link.

(photo taken from the official Facebook page of Impaler)

The main act of the night was led by a singer from Serbia who is no stranger to the Rock School’s stage. We know him as Sale, but he has made a name for himself by portraying Axl Rose in the most successful European tribute band to Guns’n’Roses called Jailbreak (official Facebook page of the band). He is one of the best Axl Rose portrayers in the world, but he doesn’t limit himself when it comes to performing in general. Instead, he also covers other worldly known names, such as AC/DC, Alice In Chains, Led Zeppelin, etc. With his vocal range, there’s no limit to what he can do as a singer. See it and listen for yourselves in this YouTube link.

As I have hinted, this was not the first time for Sale to visit Mitrovica and blow our minds with his performance. Over the years, he has visited us quite a few times, and we have Goran Vucetic (our guitar teacher, link to his bio) to thank for that. Besides performing with Jailbreak on our stage, in the most recent years Sale would come alone and have our teachers as a backup, including Goran. Others include Emir Hasani (bio link), Filip Milovanovic (bio link) and Nemanja Misic (bio link)

(photo taken from the official Facebook page of Jailbreak)

Impaler’s performance

Impaler’s act served as a great warm-up to the main act, but it can also be viewed as a stand-alone performance, thanks to their talent, the heavy sound and the charisma of the band members. With covers from bands like Korn and P.O.D., they got us to sing along and bang our heads to the rhythm. There is no shyness and insecurity coming from the stage when Impaler is on it; they give us the most positive energy, even though their genre of choice can be pretty dark and include negative lyrics. In the end, we all have a dark side and inner demons that we should accept and express, and Impaler gives us an example of how to do that the right way. The audience couldn’t get enough of their performance, so their encore was unavoidable, but we’re looking forward to their next gig and hoping it will happen soon!

Sale’s performance with our teachers

As always, we knew exactly what to expect from Sale and our teachers, and that was nothing less than excellence, which is what they gave us. They started with Alice In Chains’s “Would” and made their way up with more grunge hits, continuing with hard rock and metal. Their professional sound is undeniable; you could listen to their studio recording and attend their live gig – you wouldn’t hear any difference between the two. Sale’s connection with the band and the audience also doesn’t differ from the connection he makes with the people at any bigger venue; he stays true to himself no matter where he goes. Huge thanks to Sale for paying us a visit once again, we wish him the best in the future, but most of all to keep coming back to Mitrovica and continue sharing his talents with us!

Thanks for reading, stay tuned for the future news, cause there's more to come this month!

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