22 December 2016

Gig review: Nirvana tribute

On 15th of December, yet another gig was organized to help us get a little warmer during these cold days of winter. Our north-based vocal and keyboard teacher, project coordinator and band coach Emir Hasani is also very good at impersonating the late master of grunge - Kurt Cobain. His Nirvana tribute band exists for some time now and it has been satisfying our nostalgic needs ever since it’s been formed. Aside from Emir as the lead, the band consists of two other members – Vanja on bass and Zoran on drums. Not only do they play some of the best Nirvana songs that we can sing along to, they make Nirvana come to life again with the whole performance and let us remember ‘the good old days’ that some of us didn’t even have the chance to live, but can enjoy its believable projection through their amazing tribute.

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