16 December 2016

Mitrovica Rock School at Hamam Jazz Bar in Pristina

Hello, everyone!

This month is getting busier for our Rock School, especially our students. Hamam Jazz Bar in Pristina has welcomed us again, but this time for an electric gig. We arrived for a sound check, and soon after, our student's families and friends arrived safely with the bus that was organized for them. It was a full house and everyone enjoyed the music of our five mixed bands that gave their best for the performance. Besides these guests, we also had Fontys Rockacademie trainer Ronald Seerden there to support us, and we have special thanks to him for his contribution to the Rock School. You can learn more about that in this link. Also, many thanks to our donors for making this gig happen!



Proximity Mine

High Frequency

Sublime 6

Thanks for checking in and stay tuned for more news to come!

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