24 December 2016

Rock School band ŠKART promotes its debut album

This year has been very productive for our Rock School and it seems like that’s not going to change anytime soon. One of the highlights and perhaps the most ambitious activity is ŠKART’s debut album realization.

ŠKART: (from left to right) Vladimir (drums and back vocals), Lazar (bass and back vocals), Nikola (lead vocal and guitar), Alem (guitar and back vocals)

ŠKART is a punk band that came out of the Rock School's north branch and has achieved quite a lot since it’s been formed. With their bold original songs and some covers, they have performed many local gigs, as well as at some gigs in Serbia. Led by Nikola, the band has faced many challenges over the past couple of years, but even though it was a rocky path, it hasn’t stopped them from being consistent and their voice and message are even clearer than before. Last Thursday, we had a chance to hear this message at their album promotion event. The process of the album preparations stood as a challenge for them, too, but they have proved that it was all worth it.

Album cover (photo taken from the official Facebook page of ŠKART)

The album title is Vreme Sjajno – Vreme Jadno (approximate translation: Great Times – Miserable Times) and it consists of 8 songs (8th being a bonus track). The lyrics and melodies, which have all been written by the (former and some current) band members, are raw and honest, containing just the right amount of sarcasm and tragi-comic themes, like the old-school punk that we have been missing for quite some time. Give a listen to the whole album here: 

We wish ŠKART the best in the future, but most of all to  never stop being real and honest.

Thanks for the punk, guys!

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