13 January 2017

Sublime 6’s music video from Hotel Gracanica is here!

After Akasha’s acoustic music video being published (read about it here), now we also have the one of Sublime 6. Reminder: both bands have visited Hotel Gracanica last year for an acoustic performance, radio interviews and music video filming (read about it here).

The setting for Sublime 6 was much different than the one for Akasha, in order to really capture the vibe of the song and the band’s style in general (thanks to Kiklop Kikloparium and Goran Jolovic for thinking it through and putting it all together). The song is called Battery and its mood is perfect for their filming space and the overall atmosphere. Recharge your inner batteries by checking their video above and feel free to share!

Music and lyrics: Jelena Zafirovic
Video recording: Kiklop Kikloparium
Video production: Goran Jolovic
Audio recording and production: Emir Hasani
Recorded at Hotel Gracanica

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