7 February 2017

Workshops with Eric Coenen

Hello, readers!

As we wrote in this blog post, we have been eagerly awaiting our training week with Eric Coenen. The training week was fantastic and we thank Eric for visiting us and sharing his positivity and knowledge with our students, and encouraging the bands to work even harder in a positive atmosphere. His coaching means a lot to us and we are grateful for this opportunity to learn more from him.

Eric and junior teacher Emir with mixed band Proximity Mine

Eric and junior teacher Filip with mixed band I.F.O.

Junior teacher Blerta with mixed band Akasha

Mixed band Sublime 6

Eric and junior teacher Filip with mixed band High Frequency

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for all the future news!

5 February 2017

Proximity Mine films music video on their own

Ever since Proximity Mine blew us away with their first performance during last year’s Summer School, we knew to expect great things from this band. Their creativity and team work have earned respect and admiration from everyone at the Rock School, and especially now that they have managed to film their own music video for their song Sorry Mom. The song is very personal to the lead singer Ilda, the video depicting the theme of it, and Ilda hopes to inspire and send an important message through this work. She says:

I wrote the song in August last year in Skopje, and while I was writing it, I’ve had images going through my head about how I’m apologizing to my mother for not being the kind of kid that she’s always wanted, maybe one day I won’t become a doctor, a lawyer and such, but I want to create art in any way, be it fine arts or music. Then I recorded an acoustic version with my band and we agreed to film a music video that would visually convey the message to all parents.

Well, I say job well done, since both the song and the music video are very powerful in achieving this goal. Hopefully the message will reach those who most need it, and you can help by watching the video above and sharing it!

Music video info:
Vocals/Lyrics: Ilda Krama
Guitar: Alem Redzepagic
Piano: Zlatko Redzovic
Drums: Stefan Kuc
Rec & Mix: Emir Hasani
Video production: Arban Osmani