2 March 2017

Hip-hop workshop with Mergim Memoviq

Hello, readers!

On 25th of February, for the first time ever, our south branch students have engaged in something completely different – a hip-hop workshop. Led by Mergim Memoviq, the class started off with the introduction of the genre and the interpretation of its lyrics in general.

The introduction consisted of a discussion about hip-hop as a revolutionary genre since mid 70s until now. The students were taught about the first steps of hip-hop, its pillars, and what hip-hop contains as a music genre. The entire workshop was followed with interaction and many of the main hip-hop figures were mentioned, as well as their impact in the music industry. The discussion extended to the evolution of the genre and the inspiration behind it.

During the lyrics interpretation session, participants were asked to interpret their favorite hip-hop verses and to try to freestyle on their own. Participants also discussed rhyming styles and the importance of combining different writing techniques to create good hip-hop lyrics.

Overall, the workshop was very successful and we’re excited about engaging the students in music genres not yet celebrated at the Rock School.

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