17 March 2017

Upcoming training week and a concert in Gracanica

Hey, readers!

There are many activities planned for our students to happen in the near future, one of those being another gig in Gracanica. Before that happens, we will be visited again by Ruud Borgers for a training week that will last from 20th until 25th of March – 25th being the event date of the concert.

Having Ruud Borgers work with our bands all these years has been really valuable for the students, as they get to learn more from him each time, so we expect this upcoming training week to be as successful as ever. With these rehearsals, the bands will be ready to perform their old and new tunes at Genghis Pub in Gracanica, on 25th this month.

Ruud Borgers

(photo taken from the official Facebook profile of Genghis Pub)

Stay tuned for news and photos from these events!

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