15 April 2017

LOOP THAT FOLK - One Man Band Live Composition On Stage (Workshop)

Menic  (Boston USA/Bern Switzerland) is a multi-talented musician who is currently touring the Balkans, and we had an opportunity to meet him at his workshop at the south branch that the students from both branches attended on Friday, 14th of April. Menic plays the violin, guitar, sings, kicks his small kick-drum and performs old irish-american folk songs, sixties rock-blues, rag-time guitar-picking, delta-blues-sliding and writes songs, and he has showed us how to do most of these all at the same time by looping.

The workshop has consisted of two parts: first, the technical part, and then the musical one. Here’s a list of what he showed us during his class:

- His Live-Setup,how he routs the violin, guitar, vocal mic, kick-drum and effects (distortion, tremolo, delay) to the BOSS-Loop Pedal, to get maximum flexibilty while performing.
- How he arranges songs to perform live with looping, while giving the audience a fluent experience of the music; e.g. record the guitar while singing, play the loop back, swap instrument and play a violin solo, then turn back to singing the next verse, all in one song.
- how to practice looping at home

For the most of our students, this was the first time they got to see this technique being performed, and some of them had an opportunity to experience it firsthand at this workshop. The most important thing they’ve learned about looping is the right timing and that it’s not easy achieving it on the first try; it requires patience and practice.

Big thanks to Menic for visiting us and offering our students this new experience that they can surely use in the future!

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