30 May 2017

A musical event by Promaja Initiative, powered by Mitrovica Rock School

Promaja Initiative is an initiative started by NGO Futja Ngjyrë (official Facebook page) in cooperation with the local initiative The Way Out. This initiative can be seen as the first street art festival in the Mitrovica region. They held three workshops on Street Art, Graphic Design and Activism. After that, they proceeded with finishing six murals: two in the north and four in the south of Mitrovica. After finishing the murals, they organized a closing event at the south branch of the Rock School to "celebrate the end of this adventure and continue to work on making this initiative bigger" – as said by the organizer of the event. They thanked the Coffee Gallery, and the Mitrovica Rock School for supporting their project, as well as for providing the space for this event, along with the sound system and the bands that performed.

As for the bands, there were amazing performances by acoustic band Arcadia from north Mitrovica with a diverse set from different genres, as well as from our own Jelena and Baton (long-time musicians and more recently part of the staff of the Rock School) that also performed an acoustic set of some original songs by their ex-mixed band Sublime 6, as well as some popular covers. Below you can see some of the photos from the event:


Performance by the Arcadia:

Performance by Jelena and Baton:

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