18 June 2017

Highlights of the training week with Ruud Borgers

Hello, readers!

Once again, we have been visited by the amazing musician and band coach Ruud Borgers for another week of our bands’ rehearsals, where he helped them prepare for the concert at Hamam Jazz Bar in Pristina, that happened on 17th of June (a new blog post about it soon!). As always, Ruud was very dedicated to our bands and their overall sound, but he also gave his best to help every individual member of the bands, in order to inspire them to use their instruments in the most suitable way possible, so that the overall sound of the songs could gain a unique atmosphere, which, in the end, really payed off at the concert! Check the photos below for a hint of this training week:

Thanks to Ruud and our teachers for helping and inspiring our bands during the training week!

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