25 August 2017

Getting busier at Skopje Summer School

Hey everyone!

As the week's end slowly approaches, our bands are getting busier. Aside from having daily rehearsals and recording their songs in the studio, they are also filming music videos and having photo-shoots, thanks to Kiklop Kikloparium, who has already been photographing our bands before, in Skopje, as well as in Gracanica.

As always, the staff had planned a day at the pool for everyone, at Hotel Romantique in Veles, on 23rd of August. There, the students could let loose for a while and relax before going back to preparing for the 10th annual concert at Skopje Summer School. You can still apply for a seat in the concert bus if you would like to attend. Until then, take a look at some photos from the week so far:

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